Author Topic: Keep WallLamp Viewable with Walls Down Patch  (Read 253 times)

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Keep WallLamp Viewable with Walls Down Patch
« on: February 19, 2017, 04:22:45 AM »

I like when the paintings and other decor objects (especially the kitchen wall cabinets) stay viewable when the wall they are attached to drops. For this I use a wonderful patch "Keep Paintings Viewable with Walls Down" made by twojeffs. But in my game has kitchen wall cabinets and сooker hoods, which are made as a wall lamp, and they disappear when the walls down. Please, can anyone make a similar patch for wall lights with the same pie menu options? Please, I really need a patch, a long time I was looking for, but never found anything like it. I hope that someone can help me.
Sorry my bad english.