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Since I rebuilt my new PC last month, I missed playing Sims 2. So I went about downloading UC and my favorite mods. Then I went to grab HCDU from Simwardrobe's site.

There is a workaround for using HCDU if you have the game installed on One Drive (Windows 10 64-bit). The other post differed from this workaround because I have One Drive on my PC.


1. Go to One Drive in Explorer (which can be clicked on from the taskbar).
2. The EA Games folder will already be inside Documents there, but this time, create a folder called "The Sims 2" without the quotation marks (" ").
3. Then create a folder called "Downloads".
4. The final step is to create a folder called "Mods".

This is where you should copy and paste your mods into this folder.

The path SHOULD look similar to this:

C:\Users\xxxx\OneDrive\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads\Mods

NOTE: xxxx is the  name of your computer.

Now, you have a path where you created the folders to put your mods into. The next step is to put HCDU into the same One Drive folder.

1. Unzip the file containing all the necessary components of HCDU into a folder. You can rename the folder to something simple like HCDU.
2. Put the HCDU folder into One Drive.

The path SHOULD look similar to this:


NOTE: xxxx is the name of your computer.

3. Create a desktop link by right-clicking the .exe file in the HCDU folder and selecting Send To Desktop in the menu.

The new desktop shortcut will appear on the desktop, ready to be used to scan for hack conflicts!  :smile:

I hope this will help some of you who have similar setups like mine and be able to use HCDU once again to scan for conflicts.
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