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ChristianLov's Visitor Manager
« on: June 02, 2013, 11:15:55 AM »
The attached mods contain his 'visitor manager', which is pretty easy to use. Simply unzip and put in your downloads folder.

He posted two versions of this mod at his site, but I've not noticed any difference in how they work

It does look like the "SimSafety Burglar Alarm" in the game.

Quick info:
This mod will stop all sims from leaving the lot they arrive at, unless the "autogreet" function is disabled.

The setting of "Sit down" (if checked) will push all sims to stop at the lot and sit down on the nearest chair, and not move.

 Unchecked, they will stand outside until either greeted ("Autogreet") or if they're known to the family, come into the house and interact with the household.

"Clear Visitors" does just that-orders all lot visitors to leave the lot immediately.
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Re: ChristianLov's Visitor Manager
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Thanks Mary H
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