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Food Enthusiasm Fix (V0.02) for FreeTime
« on: June 01, 2013, 04:11:42 PM »
Food Enthusiasm Fix (V0.02) for FreeTime
Made by J. Turner (tunaisafish)

 Place file(s) in your 'Downloads' directory.

 Sims no longer get enthusiasm for cuisine for *everything* they eat.

 - Gain is no longer a uniform rate for all food.
 - Sims no longer get a bonus for eating spoiled food.

 - Cuisine enthusiasm LOSS for eating burnt or spoiled food.
 - Cuisine enthusiasm gain for eating fresh food.
 - No gain for any food of equivalent price or less than a hotdog.
 - Gain varies dependant on food price.

 - Unfortunately, food doesn't have any value that represents 'yumminess'.
   The price was the only thing that I could use that got rid of the enthusiasm
   for Chips, cereal etc.  Hotdogs was an average value.
   So some yummy desserts are excluded.
 - The gain will never exceed 50% of normal base rate, with minimum of 31%.
   Orig game gave 32% to all food.
 - Thought about using the sims favourite foods to increase enthusiasm too, but CBA.
 - Sims cooking/preparing food is a different area to the one addressed here.

Requires FreeTime.
Works with FT+

 None known.

 Dopp, Sagana, Inge
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