Author Topic: Tutorial: How to link a specific mesh to a genetic skintone  (Read 2885 times)

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Tutorial: How to link a specific mesh to a genetic skintone
« on: October 16, 2012, 01:56:40 PM »

This tutorial is a small rewrite of the original post by marvine at MTS2.

It uses the same principle, but will show how you can use the Color Binning Tool to assign a mesh to a custom skintone, thus allowing to have different coexisting body shapes for naked Sims that use the modified skintone.

You should refer to the original article for more detailed information on this matter.

Note that this tutorial covers a more specialized function set of this tool.
There is also a tutorial with examples that shows its first and foremost function.
1 - The Principle

Like any texture, a skintone needs to be linked to a mesh to show up - it uses the current clothing mesh when a Sim is dressed and is then applied to the transparent parts (i.e., neck, hands, arms, legs...), but it has to use specific meshes when the Sim is nude, one or two for each texture - every combination of gender, age and fitness for tops and bottoms - or full bodies for babies and children.

A custom default nude mesh will just replace the default nude meshes for every Sim in the game, and that's not what we want in this case.

Here, we need to use the textures of a specific skintone and link them to our custom meshes, so these meshes will apply only to that skintone, for the chosen age, gender and fitness.

The changes will show only when the Sim is nude - this doesn't apply to nude clothing, which is just a fully transparent clothing texture, linked to a clothing mesh.
2 - The Method
2.1 - Requirements

We will assume you already have a skintone package ready to be modified. If you don't have it, you can either download one of your liking, or clone one available in BodyShop.

You must have the body mesh packages available as well. Again, there are numerous sites where you can dowload the meshes.

It is important to note that in this example, we have two mesh packages, one for the body top, and other for the bottom.
2.2 - Using the tool

Start the tool and wait for the FileTable to load completely. You can then open the skintone package into one of the color tabs. The selected color tab doesn't matter much to skintone packages, so we'll load it into the first one.

You can notice that most of the items are unchecked, but we must not change the state on any of the PropertySets. Figure 1

Use the "Load Mesh" command to load the mesh packages, one at a time. At this point, you're just loading the mesh references into the "Apply Mesh" list, nothing will really change. Figure 2

Now we're ready to assign the meshes to the property sets. For each age and gender you need, you'll find tops and bottoms except for the babies and children (which use full body meshes), in this example the adult male:


For each of these items, right-click and use the "Apply Mesh" command, and select the respective mesh.

For example, you would have to assign the jubeosnakedtop060705_amtopnaked mesh to the CASIE_amtopnaked_nude_s1 property set. Figure 3 Figure 4

Do this for the remaining property sets. Of course you could repeat this procedure to apply other meshes to the female body for example, but now we'll just save the modified skintone.
2.3 - Reviewing the package options.

Before you save, it is highly recommended that you check the tool's options.

In the Package tab, you must leave the Family Guid unchanged. You can however, change the description text. Leave the "Hide from catalog" option unchecked.

These are the recommended and mandatory Output options:

    Disable original packages: on
    Generate single package: on
    Remove unchecked recolors: off
    Compress textures: on

In the Skintone tab, you have the option to change the genetic weight value of the skintone. The specific value to apply is explained in more detail in a variety of articles scattered around the sim world ;)
2.4 - Saving the package.

Use the "Save as" menu option, and choose a name for the resulting package. If you didn't check the "Generate single package" option, the color tab name will be appended to the chosen file name.

If you used the recommended options above, our modified skintone will replace the old one, and sims using it will manifest the changes in game.