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Sim Clothing Editor
« on: October 16, 2012, 01:53:57 PM »

This tool provides a way to edit a sim's clothing and hair using the procedure described in the Changing hairstyle with outfits tutorial.

It does the same as the game's wardrobe planner, with the added option of setting the maternity outfit, and the possibility of selecting a different hairstyle with each outfit (category).
Screenshot of the tool's main window

Click the "Open Sim" button, and select a sim character package.

After the sim package loads, click on the Category and Outfit buttons to display information on the PropertySet currently assigned to the selection.

If the "Texture Preview" is checked, a list of the textures assigned to the PropertySet is displayed. However, this option will slow down the tool.

To change the current PropertySet, click the "Change" button to open a package browser. Select the desired item, and press "OK".

Clicking on the "Commit" button will save the sim's character package.