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« on: October 16, 2012, 01:52:26 PM »

This tool is still in early development stages, and should be regarded as highly experimental. This "Development version" is for debugging purposes only. Please don't try to actually use it on your sims!

The original version of this tool was a simple modification of the standard Sim Surgery plugin that allowed to select sim templates as surgery archetypes, and can still be found in its thread of MATY's Peasantry.
If you're new to MATY, please delight yourself with the MATY F.A.Q.

This version aims to radically change the surgery operation: instead of making bulk copies of the archetype's resources (which made it unavailable to NPC's, for instance), it should only make discrete changes to the patient's resources.

However, that still requires extensive work on many different modding areas which may even be rendered obsolete with new expansions of the game meaning that a possible release may not feature all the options that are displayed in this build.