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Orphan Mesh Scanner
« on: October 16, 2012, 01:50:46 PM »

This plugin is a palliative solution for the problem of orphaned BodyShop mesh packages.

Orphaned meshes are mesh packages whose content is no longer referenced by any recolor. This problem is caused by the catalog behavior, whereby deleting all recolors of a mesh will still leave the mesh package intact.

Therefore, the purpose of this tool is to identify mesh packages in a folder, and determine if that mesh is being referenced by any PropertySet resource.

It may not output correct results - some referenced meshes may be labeled orphan - but it may reduce the number of packages to look out for.
The tool show as an entry in SimPE's Scan Folders scanner list.
A view of SimPe's ScanFolders tool, with the Orphan Mesh scanner in the scanners list.

After the plugin is installed, run SimPE.

On the Tools menu, click on the Scan Folders... item, and SimPe's download scanner window should appear.

Activate the Orphan Mesh Scanner item, present on the scanners list, but disabled by default.

Select the folder that SimPe should scan.

This tool adds two columns to the package details listing:

    The Contains Mesh column indicates whether or not the scanned package contains mesh resources (namely CRES).
    The Mesh References column contains a list of PropertySet names that link back to the mesh. If the Mesh References column is empty, then it should be a hint that the mesh is no longer being used in game.

It is important that only the relevant packages (clothing, hairs, accessories), and all possible meshes should be included in the scan, so you should try to restrict the scope of the scanning to these package types only (which, by the way, will make the scanning process a bit quicker)