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The future of ACR?
« on: March 22, 2012, 05:25:46 PM »
Apologies if this happens to be in the wrong forum, but as it's only a question I thought it didn't quite fit the requests section. It addresses the continuity of ACR, therefore I decided to stick it in the place where the latest version of it is discussed.

Since talented TJ retired from the Sims 2 modding world I was wondering, as an ACR user, where does the future of the mod stand. I'm not sure if TJ left specific policies to follow about his creations (if he did, and I'm missing some important information, my apologies). But if he has nothing against it, and there are willing parties out there, with the many skilled modders that frequent this forum it'd be beyond words awesome if ACR could be continued in some way. Considering Sims 2 is complete, all EPs in existence the only ones we will get, it would be fabulous to have ACR contemplate, for instance, the missing autonomous Woohoo spots such as hammocks, closets, saunas and what have you. Not to mention the large and detailed list of requests that can be found in this very forum. :)

This is by no means an attempt to be cheeky nor coax anyone into taking up a fantastic endeavor that is very much a modding masterpiece as it is. Loving ACR as I do, I'm simply curious about whether it's going to be continued, or if we should sit back and enjoy the ride as we have it now, which is already fantastic.

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Re: The future of ACR?
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2012, 05:46:33 PM »
Hi susalilies,

I don't think there's a problem with this discussion taking place here for now. However, if one of my colleagues thinks otherwise, I'm sure they'll fix it. :)

As to your questions about ACR: I assume that by 'ACR continues' you mean to suggest that there is more development, right? Because the way it is now, it's rather stable and remains available. And as such, one might say it's already continuing, bar in the sense of continuing development.

Also, I believe that TJ was very relaxed about what happened to his mods after he was done with them. If people saw ways to improve upon his work, he'd say "go for it, have fun, I'm honored!" I feel about such things the same way with regards to my mods. However, I do *not* have the nerve yet, to believe that I'd be capable of improving upon TJ's work. And especially ACR is huge by my standards. I wouldn't know how to handle that, so I'm not even trying (yet). However, if anyone else thinks they see ways to make additions/improvements, AND they think they can maintain their work, support it when bugs shop up, I'd say "give it your best shot!" The current version will always remain available as long as this site continues, no matter what new developments there might be.

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