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Food Related Mods
« on: March 23, 2008, 03:48:26 PM »
This thread contains the following food related mods:

  • Chinese & Coffee Sit Down Fix
  • Food Already Available Fix
  • Low Food Warning Dialog
  • Visitor Snacking Fix

Chinese & Coffee Sit Down Fix
Sims will look for the closest appropriate place to sit to drink/eat instead of only looking in their current room and ending up standing.

Chinese & Coffee Sit Down - Uni or Higher

Food Already Available Fix
Fixes this test in the game so that it now checks for a group meal, pizza, chinese food, or a buffet table before allowing a sim to cook anything autonomously (including getting a snack). Seasons version also includes leftovers (note: this will stop all autonomous fridge use, except stuff face, if there are leftovers). If you don't want this, use the NL version which does not include the leftovers part and use Dizzy's leftover hack in the Peasantry of MATY to allow them to actually get the leftovers when autonomously trying to have a meal. Also note for all versions that birthday cakes are not considered food by the game so are not counted as available food in the checks.

Food Already Available - Sea/BV/FT/AL Version
Food Already Available - NL/OFB/Pets Version
Food Already Available - Uni Version

Low Food Warning Dialog
Adds a warning dialog telling you to buy more food that will appear once the total household food stock is less than 50. Also available in a version that ignores mini-fridges when counting the available food stock. Only install one of the Warning Dialog hacks at a time!

Low Food - AL Version
Low Food - Sea/BV/FT Version
Low Food - NL/OFB/Pets Version
Low Food Warning - Ignore - AL Version
Low Food Warning - Ignore - Sea/BV/FT Version
Low Food Warning - Ignore - NL/OFB/Pets Version

Visitor Snacking Fix
Stops visitors from raiding your fridge during a party IF there is other food available. If you install this, you need the Food Already Available hack as well or visitors will ignore buffet tables & chinese food.

Visitor Snacking - AL Version
Visitor Snacking - NL to FT Version
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