Author Topic: new Suggestion/request for ACR2: Play Zone  (Read 1481 times)

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new Suggestion/request for ACR2: Play Zone
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:24:26 AM »
Hi TwoJeffs,

A new idea popped up for the already awesome ACR mod.

In this thread, started by waynefox3, some of us (more specifically: Dark_Author (here) and Arathea (here) started it) formed the idea for a new addition to ACR 2: the Play Zone! Similar to the Friend Zone, each sim can have others placed in this new Zone, and when they do, they could perform all ACR actions such as flirting/kissing/woohoo, but they would NOT get a crush or fall in love with the other person. This setting would be uni-lateral, though: if sim A has sim B in the Play Zone, then sim A will never feel more for sim B, but sim B would still get a crush or fall in love like normal.

Of course it would be most likely that a Romance sim would place others in the Play Zone... (and some Pleasure Sims might also like it). They're all about romance, but don't always need the fuss of more committed relations, unless they have the '20 simultaneous lovers' LTW ;)

Is this something that you think you can/will consider adding?

On behalf of all of us, many thanks in advance for your time and any consideration you may give this.
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