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Age Hacks & Pregnancy Odds
« on: September 26, 2010, 03:06:29 PM »
So, I'm playing with an age hack, which basically means that my sims live about twice as long as normal. They become adult at 36 days, and elder at 92. This obviously messes with the pregnancy odds of ACR. I know I can edit the odds in Tuning - Pregnancy Odds BCON, but what about the ages? It starts at age <= 22 and goes up to >= 65, but obviously I'd like them to start later and go on until later, otherwise I'll end up with the same odds from 65 and onwards. Is there any way to do this somewhat easily? Anyone else done something like this? (What about the age-affected autonomy?)

Edit: Never mind, I figured out how to edit the BHAV and add more BCONs of my own. Now to figure out the autonomy...
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