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The Dead Pool - Links to the Past
« on: March 23, 2008, 10:54:15 AM »
This forum contains the following mods that are rendered obsolete by either patches, just because I've decided not to support them anymore, or as in the case of the buyable reward collection because EAxis so hopelessly broke them that they can't be updated anymore:

  • Age Transition Fixes
  • Buyable Reward Collections
  • Casual Romance (original - non ACR)
  • Final Exam Fixes
  • Free Time Aspiration Critical Fix
  • Go Steady Fix
  • Movie Maker Tools
  • Nukem Wall Speaker Fix
  • Simulator Speed Controller
  • Wedding with Maxis Default Formalwear (Formal Wedding)

Age Transition Fixes
These relate to transitioning relationships during the aging process that could cause sims to 'jump' out the the age transition. This bug would only have affected the aging process of children or older. The 'Teens Keep Loves' version also stops teens from losing their crushes/loves when age transitioning to adult/YA. Both versions are inlcuded in the zip.
NOTE: This DOES NOT fix the flakiness regarding aging babies and toddlers. That's a whole 'nother issue.

Age Transition
Not needed in NL or Higher or with any SPs

Buyable Aspiration/Career Reward Collections
Just what it says on the tin.
Note: The collections do not work in BV or FT. EAxis changed something that I have been unable to figure out.
As of Pets/Seasons you must Go into BUILD mode and select collections to access them. Rewards are available on all residential and commercial lots EXCEPT dorms (no collections are available in the dorms, unless you use the cheat boolprop dormspecifictoolsdisabled false).

Buyable Reward
Seasons Version
Buyable Reward
Pets Version
Buyable Reward
NL/OFB Version
Buyable Reward
Uni Verison

Casual Romance (Not Autonomous)
The original verison of casual romance since superseded by ACR. Should work in any version Uni or higher.

Casual Romance Ver

Final Exam Fixes
Prevents the bug that doesn't allow young adult sims to get credit for going to class or their final exam. The bug appears to be related to 'meeting your professors' while at class. This hack disables that function so sims will no longer be able to meet professors unless they see them at a community lot.

Final Exam
Uni Only

Free Time Aspiration Critical Fix
Fixes a major EAxis bug that causes the game to almost always report a bogus aspriation for the sim if they happen to have a secondary aspriation set. This bug will manifest in numerous different ways such as some sims getting red marriage memories even though they aren't romance sims, strange random failures of aspiration objects even though a sim is gold or platinum, and other weirdness.

Free Time Aspiration Critical - FT Version (fixed by FTp1 and no longer needed)

Go Steady Fix
Another too many sims error fixed. This one could have caused a 'jump' when clicking on a teen and the test was run to see if the go steady pie menu should appear.

Go Steady Critical
Not needed with NL or Higher or any SP

Movie Maker Tools
Allows you to force a sim to think about another sims on command. Allows you to turn the Zzz's while sleeping on and off. Allows you to trigger a nightmare on command. Only fully compatible with NL, some features may or may not work in later versions.

Movie Maker

Nukem Wall Speaker Fix
Fixes bug that prevents wall speakers from turning off when the stereo is turned off.

Nukem Wall Speaker

Simulator Speed Controller
You can set the plant to keep the game speed set to fast or ultra fast. Click the 'return control to me' option to turn off the effect. The tree will not reset the speed if the game is paused, but will reset it if changed to anything else.

Simulator Speed

Wedding with Maxis Default Formalwear (Formal Wedding)
No longer required with OFB or higher. Sims will marry in whatever formalwear they have planned instead of the boring Maxis defaults.

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