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Triplets & Quads
« on: March 25, 2008, 10:33:50 PM »
Triplets & Quads - Version 3.1

Compatible with: All versions

There are two versions of this mod available. The full version with all the features listed below, and the random only version, which will automatically use the random option described below. You will receive no dialogs with the random only version (except possibly for vacation time).

General Features:

  • Adds Triplets and Quads to the possible birth options, with ability to choose how many babies you want a sim to have.
  • Option to randomly get 1, 2, 3, or 4 babies, plus ability to set your own odds. See below.
  • Option to simply have the original number of babies the sim was going to have.
  • If both genetic parents of the new baby(ies) live on the same lot, you will have the option to choose who gets the 3 days vacation time to care for the newborn(s). If you have triplets or quads, both parents will get 3 days off work if they both have jobs.
  • Most dialog text is translated for English, as well as Dutch, French, and German and Spanish.

This mod will affect the birth process of all pregnant sims, including sims that are already pregnant when the mod is installed. Nothing is changed about the pregnancy itself. You can get the sim pregnant any way you like. This will override the number of babies only, and does it only after the sim goes into labor.

How the Birth Process is Handled:
The options you get are always dependent on how much room is left on the lot for sims. If there is only room for one more sim, you won't see anything. You'll just get one baby. If you do have room, here’s what happens:

After the sim goes through the labor pains, you'll get a dialog with three options:
  • Choose the number of babies yourself. This will bring up one or more dialogs for you to pick how many babies you want. If available, you'll get asked about quads first. Say no to quads and get the choice of trips, twins, or single.
  • Have a random number of babies - odd are 60% single, 25% twins, 10% triplets, 5% quads. –these odds are adjustable. See below.
  • Have the original number of babies the sim was made pregnant with. This will always be a single birth or twins, just like the regular game.

How Vacation Time is Handled:
After all of the babies are born, you may or may not get a dialog asking who will be staying home to care for the newborn(s). This can only happen if both the genetic mother and father live on the same lot.

If you have a single baby or twins :
  • If both parents have jobs, you will be asked who should get the 3 days off.
  • If the mother has no job, but the father does, you will be asked who will be caring for the baby. Selecting the father will give him 3 days off. Useful if mom is unemployed, but you want her to get a job immediately after giving birth and have dad stay home with the baby. Select the mom and nobody gets time off.
  • If only the mother works, or the father does not live on the lot, she will automatically get 3 days off work like normal.

If you have triplets or quads:
  • The mother and father are both given 3 days off work if they have jobs and both live on the lot.

How to Change the Random Option Odds:
Simply click on the active sim (the one with the plumbob) and select Adjust...Multiple Birth Odds (or Adjust Birth Odds for orig only). Once you pick which multiple's odds you want to change you will see the 'buy food' dialog. Fill up the bar to set the new odds. The 'delivery fee' line will show what the current odds are. The line above that shows what you are changing it to. Ignore the 'total cost' line at the bottom, that is NOT used. When done, hit ok and the odds will be changed.
  • The changes you make ONLY affect the current lot. Every lot can have different settings. If you want to change the odds globally for every lot see post #34 or the readme file for instructions.
  • To change a value to zero, hit cancel once the ‘buy food’ dialog appears. A new dialog will pop up asking if you want to change the value to zero or not.
  • If you change the odds and the new value makes the total go over 100%, the highest percentage of the three will automatically be lowered to bring the total back to 100%. You will get a dialog letting you know what was changed.
  • The new dialogs and pie menus are only available in English at this time.
  • If you use the Inteenimator teen pregnancy hack, and have the Fertility treatment option active, the random function will use THOSE odds and NOT the ones you set. If you want the game to use your odds, turn off the fertility treatment before the sim gives birth.

Instructions for Changing the Global Random Odds: - NEW
  • Set the odds for each multiple to the values you want using the procedure above.
  • Once set, click on the active sim and select Adjust…Multiple Birth Odds…Copy to Global. This option will make the current lot’s odds the new default odds for the entire neighborhood.
  • Note that you can still have lots using their own settings. A lot will only use the global defaults if you have not altered them since installing version 3.0 or higher. Odds set in previous versions will be overridden by the new global defaults.

This mod is known to be compatible with most (if not all) other mods that affect pregnancy. It is compatible with all Awesome™ hacks/mods, the Insimenator, the Inteenimator, and Jenflower’s non-pregnancy teen woohoo (and same sex pregnancy) hacks. As of version 2.6 it will also now allow multiple births if you have a hack that increases the max sims on a lot past the normal eight, such as Doc Doofus' from MTS2.

Known issues: (these are not bugs, just things to be aware of)

  • When you have triplets or quads, the character creation screen will still say that two babies are on the way. I don't think this can by changed, but ignore it. Your sim will have 3 or 4 babies.
  • After triplets or quads are born, you will get 2 separate dialogs to name all the babies. 2 names the first time, 1 or 2 the second. No way around this either.
  • If you have quads, expect a bit of a lag (will act like the game froze for a few seconds). It takes a while for the game to create that many new characters at once.
  • Also with quads, and even trips, if you know that you’re having them, try to get the sim as big a room as possible (or a big nursery!) before giving birth. I've noticed that sims are pretty stupid about where they try to drop one baby to have the next one.


Triplets &
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