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Same Sex Mods
« on: March 24, 2008, 08:00:41 PM »
This thread contains all of my mods related to same sex couples:

  • Preg For All Genders
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Baby Wants Fix
  • Have Child Not Adopt Wants Fix

Preg for All Genders
Enables same sex pregnancy so same sex couples can have genetic children instead of adopting hideous children. Not for use with Inteen (use the flavor pak instead), but can be used with Jenflower's teen woohoo mod. See readme file for important notes about how the mod determines which sim will get pregnant when same sex couples try for baby.

Preg For All - AL Version
Preg For All - NL to FT Version
Preg for All - Uni Version
Preg For All - Orig Version

Same Sex Marriage
This mod replaces joined unions for same sex couples with actual marriage. It affects all the relevant interactions, wants, fears, and memories

Same Sex - BV/FT/AL Version
Same Sex - OFB/Pets/Sea Version
Same Sex - NL Verison
Same Sex - Uni Version

Have/Adopt Child Want Fix
This hack removes the distinction between having or adopting a child as far as wants are concerned. Any sim with a want to adopt that has a baby born will have the adopt want satisfied. Works the other way around as well.

Baby Wants - OFB and Higher Version
Baby Wants - Orig/Uni/NL Version

Have Child Not Adopt Wants Fix
Same sex couples will now get the have a baby wants instead of the adoption wants. Adoption wants can still appear under certain circumstances (such as if you have already adopted, you may want to again).

Have Child Not - OFB and Higher Version
Have Child Not - Orig/Uni/NL Version
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