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Visitor Controller
« on: March 25, 2008, 10:30:25 PM »
Visitor Controller

The features described here are for the Seasons & Higher version of the VC. See the readme for the previous version features. These are the major changes in the newer version:
  • Paintings are no longer required to save settings on community lots. The hack now only contains one .package file. Make sure to delete both files from the old version when upgrading.
  • Almost all menu options have been removed from the sim menu. Settings are now changed using an adjuster object. Menu options will only show on the active sim, and all that will appear is Adjust…Visitor Controller…Spawn Adjuster & Zoom to Adjuster.
  • The Adjuster object does not have to remain on the lot. Spawn it, make your changes to the settings and delete it. It can be pre-placed on a community lot in buy mode and saved there if you want. Adjusters spawned on a community lot will disappear when you leave, but the settings will be saved. You do not have to 'save' the game to save settings, it will happen automatically. This is true on community lots only, on resi lots settings will not save unless you actually save the game.
  • There are many additional settings available for banning sims. You can ban by aspiration, career, major, and many different characteristics. Most of the menu options are self-explanatory. All of the options from the previous version are still there as well.
  • The Gypsy Hag, Mrs. Crumplehag, and the Garden Hag are banned by default in this version. Use 'Allow Annoying' to allow all of them or unban each separately.

Major Features:

  • Ban certain NPCs. The NPCs available to ban are:
    • The special Uni NPCs, the professors, cheerleaders, cow & llama mascots, coaches, & streakers.
    • The special EP induced NPCs, such as the gypsy, Mrs. Crumplebottom, grand vampires, Pickpocket, etc depending on the version.
    • The newspaper and mail delivery people.
  • Ban a specific sim from the lot.
  • Ban strays, skunks, wolves, or visiting pets or all critters from the lot.
  • Ban sims based on a specific characteristic. Some of the available choices are: Gender, gender preference, age, aspiration, townies, careers, hobbies, majors, witches, zombies, among others.
  • Compatible with Inge's Prison Set. Sims that have a prisoner token in inventory will not be able to visit any lot.
  • Allows children and teens to stay later when visiting (See important compatibility note below!):
    • On Residential lots: kids will now stay until 9pm and teens until midnight, except Fri & Sat they have no curfew.
    • On Commerical lots: children will stay until 9pm and teens can stay as long as they want.
  • Control what sims wear when appearing on community lots, both playables and visiting sims.
    • This will not affect 'walkby' visitors, although it will ensure they are in their 'normal' clothes.
    • Forcing naked will only make sims arrive naked. Unless you have a nudity hack they won't stay that way long.
  • AL version only: Compatible with Inge's colored keys for her new lockable doors. There are six colored keys, with ban/allow settings for each color as well as for sims with no keys. See


This hack modifies one of the same files as Pescado's phone hack. In order for the visitors stay later functions to work properly, this hack must be loaded by the game after the phone hack. Hacks are loaded alphabetically so if the two are in the same folder and the names aren't changed everything will work. If you use subfolders for hacks, those are also loaded alphabetically, so if you use the creators names for the name of the subfolder, twojeffs folder will load after the pescado folder and everything will work. If you do something different, you'll have to figure it out. I know you can do it.

This will conflict with other visitor stay later hacks. Monique's hack from MTS2 will work with this, but it must be loaded after the visitor controller.

Visitor - AL Version
Visitor - Sea/BV/FT Version
Visitor - Pets Version
Visitor - OFB Version
Visitor - NL Version
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