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What is InTeen, What are it's features, What, What, What...
« on: September 11, 2008, 06:31:39 PM »
A small portion of the User Guide for the Free Time version of InTeen.

Basic Features of The InTeenimater - Mini-Expansion for Teens and Young Adults

·   Public WooHoo/Try for Baby enabled for teens on community lots
·   Pregnancy belly mesh and complete custom maternity wardrobe for teens and young adults
·   Access to maternity formal wear for all sims
·   Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult public/private WooHoo support (beds, hot tubs, clothing and photo booths, cars, elevators, saunas, hammocks, and tents) – age/gender unrestricted
·   Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult Try for Baby support
·   Full support for sim-to-sim interactions with pregnant teenagers (talk to baby, rub belly, etc.)
·   Expanded romantic interactions between teens and adults
·   Random pregnancies resulting from regular WooHoo for all sims
·   Teens experience morning sickness and all phases of pregnancy
·   Teens get maternity leave and paid time off from their job and school (pregnancy is hard enough without all the homework!)
·   Intelligent Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult Propose… | Go Steady or Committed Relationship support
·   Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult Propose… | Engagement / Surprise Engagement support
·   Intelligent Teen/Teen, Adult/Teen Propose… | Marriage or Joined Union support
·   Intelligent Teen/Teen, Adult/Teen Propose… | Move In support
·   Teens over 18 may Find Own Place (including pregnant teens)
·   Teens over 18 are no longer required to attend public/private school
·   Teens over 18 can now follow the adult career track
·   Pregnant teens can visit community lots
·   Jealous reactions to proposals
·   Support for multiple concurrent committed relationships for teens and adults
·   Relaxed breakup requirements for Steady, Engaged, and Married couples
·   Teens do not forget their teenage loves when transitioning into adults
·   Expanded privacy, nudity, and hot tub behaviors/reactions for teenage couples
·   Support for autonomous Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult sleep and spoon behaviors while in bed
·   Same sex relationships (w/ support for WooHoo and engagement/civil unions) for teenage couples
·   Fertility treatments for sims to increase pregnancy odds
·   Birth control (contraception) for sims to significantly reduce the odds of pregnancy
·   Instant impregnation (singletons and twins) and support for accelerated pregnancies
·   Pregnancy progression meter for teenage sims
·   Motive-triggered miscarriages for all pregnant female sims with custom behaviors, reactions, long term mood effects, and memories
·   Miscarriage sensitivity and risk factor increases with age (female sims over 40)
·   Adult fertility decreases with increasing age (female sims over 40)
·   Adult multiplet odds increase with age (female sims over 40)
·   Biological Clock is now accessible on all residential, community, and university lots
·   Biological Clock locator facility
·   Expanded compatibility and interoperability with popular 3rd party mods
·   Improved compatibility with the University Expansion Pack including the following:
o   Support for university pregnancies (random or otherwise) on all lots
o   Support for university families on all residential university lots
o   Sims age normally while living on university lots
·   Streaking behaviors enabled for teens on all lots
·   Teens may ask young adults and adults on dates (and visa-versa)
·   Biological Clock may now be stored in your sim's personal inventory
·   Support for teen/adult attraction scoring and chemistry
·   New flavor paks allow you to customize the InTeenimater to your own personal preferences
·   Teens can plan their own vacation and/or honeymoon
·   Teens have full access to all adult functions on vacation lots
·   Localized in twelve different languages

What the InTeenimater Is (and isn’t)
With the exception of the Biological Clock (described later in this document) and support for miscarriages, this expansion does not introduce many new features or objects to your game.  Rather, it enables/alters existing behaviors ordinarily restricted to adult sims and extends them to your eligible teenage sims.  For this reason, the InTeenimater runs quietly behind the scenes with very little visual disruption to the normal flow of gameplay.  You should not observe any earth-shattering visual changes with the InTeenimater installed (see the Installation documentation for instructions on how to verify that the InTeenimater is installed properly).  You should instead play the game as you would normally but with new options presented to you while interacting with your teenage sims.  This expansion is not intended as cheat but an extension to gameplay.  Most functionality requires that you meet certain criteria in order to have those options made available to you.  These criteria are largely unchanged from the original game.  For instance, Try for Baby is only available if the couple’s short-term and long-term relationship levels are sufficiently high and they have no other pressing motives.  Unhappy, angry, and jealous sims will likely not have an option to WooHoo or Try for Baby
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Re: What is InTeen, What are it's features, What, What, What...
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2008, 06:35:33 PM »
Info on the Flavor paks

The following package files are strictly optional.  You may install all, some, or none of the package files included in this flavor pak.  The files here allow you to customize the InTeenimater to your own personal preferences.  These files must be installed in the same folder as the core InTeenimater packages in order to function correctly.

Below is a brief description of each package file and what it does:

Back To School: Forces pregnant teens to attend school.  Teens over 18 years of age will not be required to attend class, regardless of pregnancy status, unless the No Adult Teens pak has also been installed.  This pak is incompatible with TwoJeff’s School Bus & Bring Friend Home Dialogs mod.
               -NOTE- TwoJeff's School Bus & Bring Friend Home Dialogs mod and the Back To School flavorpak have been tested and confirmed to work together in the Apartment Life version of Inteen, provided that TwoJeffs mod loads AFTER the Inteenimater and its flavorpaks.

College Admissions: Adds the requirement that all teens be at least 18 years of age and have graduated high school with a C grade or better before being admitted to college.  This pak restores the functionality that was present in version 1.3 through 1.3e.  Should not be used with No Adult Teens.

No Adult Teens: With this pak installed, teens give up their InTeenimater-bestowed “adult perks” when turning 18 and revert to their default “maxis-defined” teenage behavior.  Teens will no longer graduate - they will remain enrolled in school for the entire duration of their teen years (teens may apply for college at any time, however).  They will be unable to move-out or follow the adult career track.  In addition, teens will no longer be able to marry or move-in unless you have also installed the
No Age of Consent pak or are expecting a baby with the proposee (similar to how v1.1 of the InTeenimater behaved).  Should not be used with College Admissions.

No Age Of Consent: Eliminates the age of consent thereby allowing teens of any age to Propose… | Marriage and Propose… | Move In’s to other teen or adult sims.

No Fail Birth Control: Eliminates the 2% risk of pregnancy when “Safe WooHoo” is in effect.  Your sims will be lovin’ carefree with this flawless contraceptive in place!

No Miscarriage: Disables automatic miscarriages due to low motive scores.  Miscarriages may still be manually triggered via the Biological Clock.

No Committed Relationships: Disables support for multiple “Committed Relationships”.  Only teens may Propose | Go Steady.  Adults always Propose | Engagement.

Same Sex Pregnancy: This pak allows same sex couples to become pregnant.  Please note that this mod redefines the meaning of “mother” for same-sex couples to mean “the active sim”!

Residential Graduates: Allows graduating young-adults to remain on residential campus lots without being forcibly extricated by the game after 72 hrs.  Residential graduates will still transition to an adult and continue to age normally while living on campus.  This option only applies to valid university families living in eligible residential housing.  Young adults in non-residential quarters (dorms, frat houses, etc.) are unaffected by this flavor pak and will return home upon graduating.

Silent Pregnancy (courtesy of Syberspunk): Disables the chime when any sim (teen or adult) becomes pregnant.  Additionally, this pak  removes all Try for Baby menus.  Pregnancy is only possible through unprotected WooHoo.

Risky Runaway: Introduces a risk that female runaways may return home pregnant by an attractive stranger or a close friend with whom she is either romantically involved or physically attracted to.  Selection of the father and odds of becoming pregnant are weighted by relationship scores, chemistry/attraction, lifetime aspiration, gender preference, fertility, living environment, and chance.  To ensure this mod’s effectiveness, all missing sim reports are considered successful with this flavor pak installed; runaways always return home by police car whenever a report is filed.  If not report is filed, the missing sim will return home (unpregnant) on her birthday.

Risky Sneakout: Similar to Risky Runaway, this Flavor Pak introduces a risk that a teen female may become pregnant by the person she is sneaking out with (males only unless SSP is also installed) if their mutual relationship and chemistry/attraction scores are sufficiently high.

Risky Honeymoon: Introduces a risk for just-married couples who leave on a honeymoon to come home expectant parents.  Sims with family aspirations receive an added fertility bonus.  In Bon Voyage, this ONLY applies if the married couple does NOT plan a honeymoon vacation.

Teen Maternity Fashion Paks (courtesy of Mandie and Foxybaby): Fashion paks expand the available wardrobe selections for pregnant teens and young adults.  When these sims become pregnant, the InTeenimater randomly selects from the installed maternity wardrobe sets.  You can’t explicitly plan teen maternity wear without a compatible third party hack (i.e. Pregnancy Wear Any Clothes – InTeenimater Edition by Squinge).  At present, these paks (D0 and D1) are only applicable to female sims.

NOTE: If you are using any of Risky XXX flavor packs, you are strongly encouraged to download TwoJeff’s Critical Aspiration Fix for FreeTime.

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Re: What is InTeen, What are it's features, What, What, What...
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2008, 07:04:28 PM »
Sims 2/Expansion Pack Compatibility:

Version 1.1h - Standard Edition is compatible with the original retail release of The Sims 2

Version 1.3g - University Edition is compatible with the University Expansion Pack

Version 1.3m – Nightlife Edition is compatible with the Nightlife Expansion Pack

Version 1.4a – Open for Business Edition is compatible with the Open for Business and Family Fun Expansion Packs

Version 1.5c – Pets Edition is compatible with the Pets Expansion Pack

Version 1.6d – Seasons Edition is compatible with the Seasons Expansion Pack

Version 1.7b – Bon Voyage Edition is compatible with the Bon Voyage Expansion Pack

Version 1.8a - Free Time Edition is compatible with the Free Time Expansion Pack

see this thread for more info on Stuff packs -,1228.0.html

Read the User Guide and other provided documents for all the information!
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