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Pet Related Mods/Fixes
« on: March 23, 2008, 04:33:26 PM »
This thread contains the following pet related mods and bug fixes:

  • Caged Pet Fixes
  • No Pet Unlock Code Spam
  • No Pet Obsession

Caged Pet Fixes
Fixed random bird death bug and other annoyances and bugs related to the birds and womrats. See readme for full details.

Caged Pet - AL Version
Caged Pet - FT Version
Caged Pet - Pets/Sea/BV Version

No Pet Unlock Code Spam
Stops the annoying long delay in game when pets are promoted upon return from work as the game generates a code. Also inlcudes a package that will unlock all the hidden crap. The Bon Voyage version also fixes a bug in the BV code that could cause problems upon sim or pet promotion.

No Pet Code - AL Version
No Pet Code - FT Version
No Pet Code - BV Version
No Pet Code - Pets/Sea Version

No Pet Obsession
Lowers the fun advertising of interactions between Sims toward Pets (not the other way around). Sims will now get wants related to pets only if they are in their family or if they are friends with the critter, and wants are also dependent on a sims interest in animals.

No Pet - AL Version
No Pet - FT Version
No Pet - Pets/Sea/BV Version
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