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Title: Wild Child Problems
Post by: leslienv on March 25, 2016, 12:54:54 AM
i'm new to the forum. i don't know if i should have started a new topic, so please feel free to move this post if it's in teh wrong spot.

i can't seem to get this, or chris hatch's pregnancy controller, or chris hatch's maternity outfits, to work.

i tried this solo and with the nude default attached and there were no new options listed.

i do have engagement and woohoo options once my sims are in love. but should i i see a try or baby option?

the only way i've been able to make a teen pregnant is by insim. and then once they're pregnant there are no morphs.

so i guess i have two issues i see no way to try for baby for teens

and even if i use insim to cheat a pregnancy there are no morphs. i have no defaults in the game that should interfere with the nude mesh and as far as i know no incompatiable mods, such as inteen etc.

can anyone help? i can even upload and share my downloads folder if anyone wants to help me out and take a look.
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: miros1 on March 25, 2016, 10:59:00 AM
If I were you, I'd (in this order) ("only if" means if the previous part of the step was successful, don't do this; if the previous part of the step was unsuccessful, do this.)

Temporarily rename my Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 directory until you get the right combo of downloads, then we'll figure out how to get them into your "real" game. 

Run the game once to rebuild the games' data directory and quit.  The whole thing should take just a couple minutes, since there's no CC.

InTeen is a witches' brew (sorry Jase).   Do not install to the clean game.  If possible, find and install some other teen clothes with morphs.  Do not download clothes that are "pregnant all the time."  Try InSim and InSimAdult and Back Alley Sims.  Only if you can't find any, unzip InTeen elsewhere on the hard drive, and only copy the teen clothes with morphs to Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads/Teen Maternity Clothes.  Do not copy any  part of the actual InTeen hack.

Install only the Wild Child stuff.  Only if Wild Child does not include Chris Hatch's alternate controller, install that.

Install a censor blur remover, preferably NOT YouSeeThem.  I prefer Quaxi's alternate shader from the SimPE site myself.

You might need Squinge's Maternity Wear Anything (or whatever it's called).

Install ACR.

Try the game.  Have Dustin and Angela woohoo in  her parents' bed several times or until the game says she's pregger.  If you see "try for baby" or "risky woohoo," try that.  If she doesn't get pregger, post again and I'll poke through my files more thoroughly.

Once she's pregger, wait 4 days, have her shower and put some known maturnity clothes on her.  Any bump in the shower or in the maturnity clothes?  If not, post again, and I'll try to think of more advice.

Your post was fine in the Wild Child thread, but I'm afraid we might get into a long discussion, so I gave it its own thread.
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: AncientHighway on March 26, 2016, 05:36:37 AM
My first question, which teen pregnancy mod are you trying to use, and have you removed all other teen pregnancy mods? They are all incompatible; there can only be one (I think that's a quote from some movie). I was a long time user of Inteen, but haven't looked back since I started looking at CH's work.

Wild Child, IIRC, is built upon CH's pregnancy controller. CH's controller was built loosely on Inteen, with many fewer conflicts. There is another teen pregnancy mod out there, or was anyway, but it required some payment for access to download. I did try it for a minute and tossed it aside.

I did briefly use CH's pregnancy controller as a stand alone mod, but tossed it in favor of the T&A pack (the family version Angels and Nurses would work just as well I believe).

Inteen: I was a long time user and tester for Inteen.  Clunky implementation, and since Jase and MadCat left with there knowledge, extremely difficult to fix bugs or make minor modifications to improve it. But if you can get it installed, all the conflicts with other mods worked out, and overlook the fact the teens temporarily age to adult and back again, it works nicely.

Wild Child: I never used it. I'm not even clear what the intent of it was as it was trying to do everything Inteen and CH's mod did, but "better".

CH's Pregnancy Controller: Avoid the headaches and confusion with CH's mod.  Check to see if the windup clock in Electronics/Small Electronics has been modded to include the option to Turn Inteen On/Off. It should read to turn it off. And that Inteen is CH's version using his pregnancy controller, not Jase's Inteen.  Make sure your teens aren't using the Gothic Double Bed, it wasn't coded right to allow TFB. Custom beds are a crap shoot. Most allow TFB, but I'd guess some don't. Don't worry about pregnancy clothes or Squinge's mod. CH includes the pregnancy morph for the teens, and I think one default dress in different colors. You only need Squinge's mod is you want to use other pregnancy outfits.

ACR shouldn't have any affect on teen-teen woohoo or TFB. It does allow teen-adult interaction though. The real plus for ACR is all romantic interaction is automated, to include TFBs, so you can have a pleasant, or not so pleasant, surprise.
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: mark93 on March 26, 2016, 07:04:35 AM
What EP's do you have.

Teen Maternity Clothing,577.0.html

can anyone help? i can even upload and share my downloads folder if anyone wants to help me out and take a look.

If nothing else works go ahead and upload it and PM me with the link and I will look at it.
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: miros1 on March 26, 2016, 02:41:03 PM
I don't think you need upload your Downloads folder.

I was attempting to explain that I think you should use an empty Downloads folder and a new neighborhood and put in the mods you want to make sure they work the way you want, then figure out what to remove from your "real" Downloads folder to avoid conflicts with your working mods.

InTeen has to age up pregnant teens at 6pm for "daily maintenance" of the whole household and aging them back down after, because that daily maintenance involves terminating all pregnancies except adult and young adult, and advancing the ones it considers "legal."  This was a wonderful idea when Jase created it.  Given the number of complaints about conflicts and other weirdnesses and hassles, it's not so wonderful now.

Chris Hatch's alternate pregnancy controller was intended to bypass all that and allow simple progression of all pregnancies, including teen and elder.  Since Chris Hatch's controller affects only the pregnancy advancing part of the daily maintenance, it's much tinier than the core of InTeen and conflicts with far fewer mods from other creators. 

Chris Hatch's controller does not make any provision for teen woohoo or teens getting pregnant.  You need a different mod for that.  Since I wanted teens to get pregnant only when I wanted, I was quite happy to let my teen couple woohoo with ACR (to simulate the dirty deed) and impregnate the girl with SimBlender.  Yes, that gives the rest of my teens a free license to woohoo their brains out with no consequences.   

Now for WildChild.  I believe DarkWolfJr is just redistributing Chris Hatch's controller unmodified.  As for the rest of it, it's carefully selected bits of InTeen to allow teens to get pregnant in a more "natural" way without all the conflicts of full InTeen.  Unless I finally get around to playing a period 'hood where I want many big bellied teens wandering around, I don't think I'll use WC.  I'm also very hard on pregnant teens.  Almost killed my test subject.

The alternate pregnancy controller has also been incorporated into Chris Hatch's T&A/A&N unofficial EPs.

OP, having seen both my choice (alternate pregnancy controller, ACR and SimBlender) and AH's (T&A) and the information for WildChild and InTeen, the OP needs to choose one.  As AH said, there can be only one.  (It's from the Highlander tv show and movie.) You need to install the pieces to support that choice and only that choice in a clean Downloads folder and make sure it does what you want before attempting to install it to your "real" Downloads folder.  Do not install InTeen and the alternate pregnancy controller together.  Do not install InTeen and WildChild together.  Run HCDU to make sure nothing conflicts or you have the correct load order.

BTW, the evil angel on my shoulder just made an evil suggestion.  And another one.  I may become the boogieman to the teen population yet!  Has anyone seen the good angel lately?  I think the evil angel killed it years ago!

Ok, gonna copy this to my website and answer all future questions with a link!

Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: AncientHighway on March 26, 2016, 03:17:33 PM
Just to clarify, while I was a long time Inteen user, I switched to Hatch's pregnancy controller via T&A. Now that you mention it Miros, there is another mod by Hatch required for teens to get pregnant. That would contain the teen pregnancy morphs.  I'm curious if it has the clock controller.
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: zephyrzodiac on March 26, 2016, 03:34:09 PM
Just as a matter of interest, an adult with a teen body can get pregnant without assistance, but does, for the period of the pregnancy, get taller as well as fatter.... so, while being pregnant is not affected by whether the sim is adult or teen, the pregnancy morph itself is so affected.
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: miros1 on March 26, 2016, 04:30:17 PM
Sorry, AH, I reread your post and corrected mine.

I haven't seen his mod to get teens pregnant,  his maternity clothes, or the alarm clock, which sounds like a very handy thing.  If it's still available separately, I might grab it, just in case.  I'm sure I'll decide 2 seconds too late if I want a pregnancy or not, but that's fixable either way with SimBlender.  I could wish he'd used "Teen Pregger" instead of "InTeen," since that has a specific meaning to me (and I'm sure many others).

ZZ, that sounds like a messed up birthday age up!  How did you manage to get an adult into a teen body?  Were they wearing custom content maternity clothes or a random selection from the ugly Maxis outfits?  Were they in adult or teen bodies after the pregnancy?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Angelita just ran away in horror of the pink maternity outfit and the white granny panties!  Personally, I think she deserved it for boinking her boss after he gave her a multi-level promotion she absolutely did not deserve.  I did force her to learn the skills and make the, shall we say, other friends for those promotions while pregger!
Title: Re: Wild Child Problems
Post by: zephyrzodiac on March 26, 2016, 04:40:10 PM
The Smalls are  brother and sister I made with the help of SimPE.  If you want to check them out, you can download them here: