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Title: ACR attraction score
Post by: hedgekat on December 23, 2015, 02:19:56 PM
A little background:  I recently downloaded TS2UC after not being able to play TS2 on this machine for 4 years.  I have another machine that I played on until early last year.  So anyway, I have forgotten a lot about how the game and all the mods I have work. 

The save game I am now playing is from 4 years ago and was 7 years old when the machine broke.  Very old and very complicated.  Totally custom.  Because it was so large I wrote lots of details about neighborhoods, families and individual sims down in notebooks.  I have pages detailing the attraction scores of various sims.  I remember that a certain range of scores showed up as 1 lightning bolt, another range as 2 bolts and the highest as 3 bolts. I made sure my young sims met as many possible mates as they could and recorded their scores.

My problem is I don't remember how I got those scores.  I can't find a button for that on ACR or Inteen or any of the Insim modules.   I do know that ACR has an attraction scoring feature for The One Sim.  I have gotten a couple of errors from that.   

Can anyone tell me how I can get those individual scores again?
Title: Re: ACR attraction score
Post by: zephyrzodiac on December 23, 2015, 02:39:07 PM
The attraction score has nothing really to do with ACR, since it's part of the game that came with Nightlife.  I think you would need to look in SimPE to find the range of points for each score, I can't see how else it could be done.

The One Sim has really nothing to do with lightning bolts, I've had sims with negative lightning bolts still having each other as *The One Sim*.
Title: Re: ACR attraction score
Post by: BoilingOil on December 23, 2015, 03:45:34 PM
If you wish to refresh your knowledge about Sim attraction in TS2, I think you need to start by looking at this page by Cyjon (

There is something about attraction in ACR: if you click another sim, and then select "Casual.../Will I Woohoo?" there is a note about how the other sim thinks about sex with your sim, and a numeric value is assigned to 'total score' and 'attraction score'. However, as ZZ already said, those numbers have nothing to do with the numbers that the vanilla game associates with the lightning bolts.
Title: Re: ACR attraction score
Post by: LilSister on December 24, 2015, 10:34:28 AM
If this is what you are looking for:

Averaged Attraction Score    Chemistry
−25 or less                           −1 bolt (red X)
−24 to 0                                    0 bolts (nothing)
1 to 34                                     1 bolt
35 - 89                                    2 bolts
90 or greater                            3 bolts

See this page here:
Title: Re: ACR attraction score
Post by: hedgekat on December 25, 2015, 08:02:39 PM
@lil sister- that averaged attraction score looks like what I was recording.  I didn't bother with anything under 35 unless there was nothng higher.

Could I have gotten that score with SimPE?  I can remember using some program to browse the neighborhoods and then get info and/or edit any sims in that neighborhood that I wanted. Don't remember if that was SimPE or not.  All I've used it for so far this time is to look inside lot files to get their names.

@Boiling Oil - read over Cyjon's page which did indeed refresh my memory.  Never had his DeBugger though.  It is newer than my previous game but I have it now.  I will stick it under the houses with the BatBox.  Have downloaded several of your mods that I did not have 4 years ago either.  I had some on my other machine but not on this one. So far everything is working well with Ultimate Collection.  I've read lots of posts by people having all sorts of problems with it but so far it's doing okay once I got it to load.

The only anomaly I've had that I haven't been able to fix is Belladonna Cove disappearing from the Main Menu.  Any thoughts on that?

@ZephyrZodiac-  I've had that same thing happen with the One Sims but only when they didn't know anyone they had bolts with.  Or perhaps because they were the ones they knew best.
Title: Re: ACR attraction score
Post by: zephyrzodiac on December 25, 2015, 11:52:28 PM
Sometimes it happens because one of the sims should have a different aspiration....

I think you may have used Sim Enhancer - that often showed some stuff easily which took a heck of a lot of finding in SimPE.