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Title: Bug Fixes
Post by: twojeffs on March 24, 2008, 09:54:28 PM
This thread contains the follow hacks that fix Maxis bugs:

Bring Hobby Friend From Work Fix
Fixes a Free Time bug that causes a sim to bring the same Hobby Friend home from work EVERY DAY for the rest of their lives.

Bring Hobby Friend From Work ( - FT Version

Cheesecake Twins Fix
Despite what the OFB Prima Guide says, pregnant sims who eat cheesecake (and they MUST already be pregnant, not before they try for baby) will have their pregnancy changed to twins always. This hack changes that to a random chance of 50%, 20%, or 10% depending on which version you install. Only install one a time.

Cheesecake Twins ( - OFB or Higher

Complain to Owner Social Fix
Fixes a bug in the OFB customer complain social that could cause errors on owned business lots.

Complain ( - OFB or Higher

Death by Toddler Toy Fix
Sims who use the 'Play with' interaction to play with a toddler using a toy will now stop if a motive becomes critical instead of continuing to play with the toddler until they drop dead of starvation or energy failure.

Toddler Toy Death ( - All Versions

Engagement Memory Fix
Fixes a bug that can cause a sim to get the wrong (bad/good) type of engagement memory.

Engagement Memory ( - FT/AL Version

Gypsy - Free Time Genie Delivery Fix
Fixes bug that causes the gypsy to be unable to perform any of her other duties once she has delivered a genie lamp to any family. NOTE: You will need to have the gypsy appear once on the lot and let her deliver one more lamp after installing the fix before she will be 'fixed'. ( - FT Version

Pet Pregnancy Fix - aka Too Many Pregnancy Controllers Fix
Pet pregnancies will no longer result in runaway creation of pregnancy controllers on the lot that quickly make the lot unplayable. Should you already have this problem and have thousands of controllers on a lot there is a debug option on the Sim Blender to delete them.

Pet Pregnancy ( - Pets or Higher

Photobooth Try for Baby Fix
Fixes a Maxian bug in the try for baby code that could cause a 'jump' when trying for baby in the photo booth. With debug mode on the error would appear as 'Stack Number out of Range'. NOTE: This is not compatible (or needed) if you have the InTeenimator installed, this bug fix is already included. It is also not compatible with Syperspunk's risky woohoo hack for the photo booth (available from MTS2 & MATY).

Photo Booth Try for Baby ( - NL or Higher

Skunk Attraction Fix
Fixes errors caused by a Maxis bug that allows the game to attempt to calclulate attraction between a sim and a skunk. Obviously this can't happen, and errors out every time. Conflicts with (and unnecessary with) Inteen. Not compatible with my Teen/Adult Attraction Fix (,15.0.html) (it also includes this fix).

Skunk Attraction ( - Pets or Higher

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Title: Re: Bug Fixes
Post by: twojeffs on April 01, 2009, 08:52:13 PM
New fix added for Pet Pregnancies causing runaway controller creation. See this thread ( for more.