Author Topic: Please Don't Post Requests, Questions, or Problems in These Threads...  (Read 33547 times)

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If you already have, no harm, no foul since I'm just posting this now. :biglaugh:

I've left replies enabled in this forum mainly to give people a place to post their 'Thanks this this great!' type posts. Those are okie dokie to post. You don't need to post one in every thread though.

If you have a request, it should go in the I Want This! requests forum.
Problems/Questions should be posted in the Support Forum.

Requests and support issues tend to get buried and lost if they aren't in their own thread so you'll have much better luck getting what you're looking for by posting in the correct place.


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Due to people never reading this sticky and insisting on posting help questions in these mods description threads, I have locked them all.  :tongue:

If you wish to say "Thanks this is great!!" feel free to post in the General Sims 2 Discussion forum

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