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The Sim Blender
« on: March 25, 2008, 10:49:35 PM »
Sim Blender
Requires: Pets or Higher

Originally conceived as a sim randomizer; and I still may get around to finishing that part at some point. There are several randomization options that do exist and are functional.

This is still a work in progress. I'll be adding more features to this object. If you have an idea or request for it, post it in the I Want This forum.

Current Options:

Cheaty Type Stuffeths:

  • Max Aspiration (Platinumize) (by sim, all residents, all sims)
  • Max All Motives (by sim, all residents, all sims. By sim option available to pets)
  • Adjust a Single Motive (by sim or everyone, can set almost empty/half/full)

Relationship Type Stuffeths:

  • Set Short-term relationship level (set to -20, 0, 20, 50, 70, or 100. Available to pets)
  • Set Short & Long-term relationship level (sets both, same options as above. Available to pets)
  • Set/Clear Relationship Flags (Set or remove crush, love, friends, bff, etc. affects both sims) Note that there are no checks to make sure you aren’t doing something stupid like making sims bffs and enemies at the same time. So don’t be stupid and you’ll be fine.
  • Remove Furious Tokens (Make me not furious/nobody furious with me/remove all from lot/remove all from hood)

Family Type Stuffeths:

All will affect the family tree as appropriate.

  • Set as My Child/Grandchild: Only appear if sim is younger than active sim.
  • Set as My Parent/Grandparent Only appear if sim is older than active sim.
  • Set as My Sibling/Aunt/Uncle/Niece/Nephew/Cousin  Always appear if gender appropriate.
  • Set as My Spouse Only appears if sim both sims older than teen. Sets both Family and Relationship flags.
  • Remove Family Ties Severs all family ties between the sims. If removing spouse will also remove relationship flags.
  • Move In Add any sim on lot to current family
  • Make Me Townie/Downtownie Remove active sim from current family as townie.
  • Make Stray Remove pet from current family as stray.
  • Adopt a Child Adopt a child (teen or younger) on the lot. Will move-in and set family ties.
  • Put up for Adoption Removes child/pet from current family and puts up for adoption.

Skill Type Stuffeths:

  • Give a Skill Point (Adds the point and satisfies wants if they exist)
  • Set Toddler Skills (set any or all toddler skills, including nursery rhyme) If a parent is the active sim they will get the memory and wants satisfied. If a non-parent, one of the parents will be selected)

Appearance Type Stuffeths:

  • Change Clothes (by sim or everyone on lot)
  • Makeover (any sim on lot, same as mirror)
  • Fug Factory (any sim on lot, plastic surgery)
  • Remove Zits (any sim who happens to have acne)
  • Add/Remove Tan/Sunburn (active sim only)
  • Set Fitness Level (Set fit/normal/fat. Will satisfy wants)

Pregnancy Related Stuffeths:

  • Pregnancy Scanner (same as ACR, gives info on pregnant sims)
  • Accelerate/Decelerate Pregnancy (just what it says)
  • Suspend/Resume Pregnancy (just what it says)
  • Terminate Pregnancy (Inteen enabled. Sim must be on 'home' lot. Same as ACR only different.)
  • Have Baby With (Active sim only. Pick sim on lot, aliens, or pick a neighbor)
  • Have Litter With (other pet must be on lot. boolprop controlpets true must be on)

Aging Related Stuffeths:

  • Grow Baby Up (instant baby aging. Must be a 'helper' around)
  • Grow Me Up (instant aging or death if sim is an elder. Available to pets, but you must use boolprop controlpets true first)
  • Add/Remove 3 Days (Instant elixir or poison. Your choice. Available to pets)
  • Reset to Max Days  Resets sim to the beginning of their current age.
  • Age To… Set any sim on lot (except unique NPCs and some others) to any age. Will reset the sim’s secondary aspiration and LTA points, if applicable.

Personality/Trait Type Stuffeths:

  • Set/Randomize Gender Preference (this is the exact same code/options as on the ACR adjuster. Cool beans stuff this is.)
  • Randomize Interests (randomizes sim interests, kept age appropriate albiet slightly tweaked from EAxis original settings.)
  • Randomize Personality (same as college adjuster. includes option to copy to genetic personality)
  • Randomize Skills (same as college adjuster)
  • Change Aspiration and/or Turn On/Offs (If this is run, the sim's secondary aspiration and all spent LTA points will be reset so you'll have to reselect them; true even if you only change turn ons/offs)
  • Change Zodiac Sign (set sim to any zodiac regardless of personality)
  • Give/Remove/Randomize Badges – Just what it says on the tin. Will satisfy wants. Randomize Erase will delete current badges before randomizing. Randomize Keep will keep current badges and add new random ones. Only teens or older. Teens may get 1-3 badge levels, Adults 1-5 levels, and elders 1-7 levels per randomization.
  • Set/Randomize The One Hobby – Allows you to view the sim’s current ‘One Hobby’, change it to a different hobby, or randomize it. Randomization is based on personality and aspiration so you will see less stupid incompatible hobbies.

Naming Type Stuffeths:

  • Change Sim's First Name (any sim in the hood)
  • Copy Sim's First Name to Last Name (use in combo with change first name to completely change a sim's name.)

Want Type Stuffeths:

  • Reroll or Cycle LTW (random reroll, or cycle through possible options)
  • Reroll Wants (active sim)
  • Add Slots/Locks
  • Reset to Base Slots/Locks

Career Type Stuffeths:

  • Set Career (includes custom careers. Active sim only)
  • Set Career Level (active sim)
  • Unlock Reward (also option for all rewards)

Teleporter Type Stuffeths:

  • Summon summon any sim to the lot as a visitor. This menu must first be enabled.
  • Clear off Specific sim or all visitors.
  • Selectablility Make sim selectable or unselectable.

Miscellaneous Type Stuffeths:

  • Normalize Temperature (by sim or all sims, sets body temp to normal)
  • Change Object Model (cycles the Blender Tree through a few options)
  • Clean & Fill Pet Food Bowls (cleans and refills all bowls on the lot)

Available in the catalog under Misc/Misc (it's a potted ficus and costs $10).

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Re: The Sim Blender
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2009, 07:13:14 AM »
I've uploaded a new version to fix a bug with getting sims fit sometimes causing an error.
Some people are like Slinkies. Not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

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Re: The Sim Blender
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2012, 03:31:52 AM »
Note added to include TwoJeffs' Skill Limiter to this thread as discussed in this thread. The limiter adds options to the Blender to set individual limits to skills per Sim.

Requires AL or M&G to work.

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