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Misc Feature Adding Mods
« on: March 24, 2008, 08:56:42 PM »
This thread contains the following mods that add new features to the game but don't fit any of the other categories:

  • Adult/Teen - Teen/Adult Attraction
  • Age Duration Hack
  • Age Transition - Teens Keep Loves
  • Always Flush Toilet/Wash Hands
  • Find-a-Mate Crystal Ball
  • Increased Abduction and/or Die by Satellite
  • Ghost Hack
  • Keep Paintings Viewable with Walls Down
  • No Friends for Careers
  • Plastic Surgery for Teens - No Failure
  • School Bus & Homework Hacks
  • Smart Beds
  • Static Energy Sculpture
  • Welcome Wagon Hacks

Adult/Teen - Teen/Adult Attraction - Recommended additional mod for ACR
Allows teens to be attracted to adults and adults to teens. Also fixes a very strange issue where the game would not generate an attraction score if the simís Ďtargetí was sitting or laying down. Sims will still not get the bolts in the UI, but they will have the benefits of the attraction. Note: This is included as part of Inteen and should not be used with it. Also fixes a Maxis bug that causes errors due to the game attempting to calculate attraction between a sim and a skunk. The skunk fix is also available separately here.

Teen Adult & Skunk Attraction - NL or Higher

Age Duration Hack
This hack is an adjustment of the adult and elder lifespans. There was apparently supposed to be some randomness built into the base elder lifespan, it should be a random 10-20 days + the aspiration bonus of -2 to +10 days for a range of 8-30 days. But it's not random as all and is always 20 days and then the asp bonus/penalty is applied for a 18-30 day range.

This changes the age ranges to:
  • The elder life stage is now from 10-15 days (totally random, not dependent on aspiration level).
  • The adult life stage is now from 28-33 days (totally random) +/- the aspiration bonus/penalty that used to be applied when becoming an elder. This can be from -2 days to +10 days depending on asp level making the final range from 26 to 43 days.

Age Duration - AL Version
Age Duration - NL to FT Version

Age Transition - Teens Keep Loves
Stops teens from losing their crushes/loves when age transitioning to adult/YA.

Age Transition - Teens Keep - NL or Higher

Always Flush Toilet/Wash Hands
Sims will always flush the toilet when finished using it. Sims with 3 points or more in neat will wash their hands autonomously after using the toilet ONLY if their next queued interaction is NOT a sink, bathtub, or shower. The NP Versions of the mod also include no privacy for toilet use only. Always Flush verison does not include the handwashing (duh). All four are included in the same archive. Only install one.

Toilets - Always Flush Wash Hands - All Versions

Find-a-Mate Crystal Ball
Summon the power of the Gypsy's crystal ball, without having to deal with the old bat. Tell the ball what type of sim you are looking for and get a choice of the 5 matching sims in the hood that have the highest chemistry. Make your selection and the sim will be summoned ot the lot. The rest is up to you. Full details are in the readme.

Find a Mate Crystal -AL Version
Find a Mate Crystal -NL to FT Version

Increased Abduction and/or Die by Satellite
Upped the overall odds of being abducted. Odds start at nearly zero, but increase continuously the longer the sim stargazes. The Satellite mod ups the odds of death by satellite from 1% to 3%.

Abductions - Higher - FT/AL Version
Abductions - Higher - Orig to BV Version
Death By Satellite - Higher - All Versions

Ghost Hack
Allows you to selectively stop ghosts from scaring sims or only scare knowledge sims among other things to make ghost less annoying.

Ghost - Pets and Higher Version
Ghost - OFB Version
Ghost - Orig/Uni/NL Version

Keep Paintings Viewable with Walls Down
Adds new pie menu options to paintings allowing you to set them to stay viewable when the wall they are attached to drops. Includes options to change the setting for just the individual painting clicked on, or all paintings on the lot at once.

Paintings Stay - FT/AL Version
Paintings Stay - Pets/Sea/BV Version
Paintings Stay - Orig/Uni/NL/OFB Version

No Friends Needed For Careers
This hack removes the friends requirement from all careers. This does not alter the actual career files, it is a global hack that will work with all careers, including custom careers. The control panel will still show that friends are needed to advance, BUT the promotion will still occur as long as all other requirements such as skills and job performace are met. This hack will conflict with JM Pescado's Harder Jobs but if you want this, I'm guessing you don't want that.

No Friends for - Pets or Higher Version
No Friends for - OFB Version
No Friends for - NL Verison
No Friends for - Orig/Uni Version

Plastic Surgery for Teens - No Failure
Enables the plastic surgery reward for teens. Removes the flat random chance of failure.

Plastic Surgery for - Uni or Higher

School Bus/Bring Friend & Homework Hacks
Stops 'school bus will be here in an hour' spam. You'll only get one instead of one per kid. You'll also receive a dialog when kids/teens want to bring someone home from school asking you if this is okay. If you say no, the sims will still get the 20/20 relationship boost but the sim won't come over.  Choose cancel and the sim won't come over and you won't get the automatic relationship boost either. I also completely rewrote the code for choosing the sim to bring home. You should notice much less lag while the game picks, as well as much smarter, more random choosing. See the readme for more details. The homework hack makes homework random once a kid learns to study and make it slightly more fun for serious sims. See readme for other features.

Compatiblity Note: The school bus/bring friend mod is compatible with the Inteenimator, but is not compatible with the 'back to school' flavor pack add-on.
AL Version Only Compatibility Note: Pescado's alfixes conflicts with school bus/bring friend and my mod must load after alfixes to work.

School Bus - Homework - AL Versions (See compatibility note above)
School Bus - Homework - FT Versions
School Bus - Homework - BV Versions
School Bus - Homework - Sea Versions
School Bus - Homework - NL/OFB/Pets Versions

Smart Beds
If you've used ACR you'll be familiar with how this works, although this is a separate mod from ACR (and compatible with it). Forces the bed ownership system already in the game to actually work. Sims will autonomously only use the bed they have the most ownership of. Also includes a couple new pie menu options on the sim menu to set/clear bed ownership. In Hotels in Bon Voyage, bed ownership is currently not used. Sims can sleep in any bed as long as they are checked in. See the RTFM for the gory details. It may or may not conflict with another mod that affects sleep/relaxing.
Compatibility Notes: Pescado's bedsidefix from MATY conflicts with Smart Beds and is not necessary, that fix is included.

Smart - AL Version
Smart - Sea/BV/FT Version
Smart - Uni/NL/OFB Version
Smart Beds - Comm Sleep - Allows sleeping on community lots. Will also work without main mod installed. - AL Version
Smart Beds - Comm Sleep - OFB to FT Version
Smart Beds - Privacy - Loosens privacy rules. See readme. - AL Version
Smart Beds - Privacy - NL to FT Version
Smart Beds - Elder Sleep - Elder sleep 'till 6am like other sims. Works stand-alone. - OFB or Higher
Smart Beds - Relax - No relaxing if tired or someone sleeping on the other side of the bed. Smart Beds Required. - AL Version
Smart Beds - Relax - Sea/BV/FT Version

Static Energy Sculpture
Place this sculpture on any lot and all selectable sims (plus babies) will have their energy motive frozen at its current value. Does not affect NPC's or visitors. Very helpful for those shopping trips downtown after work or before class.

Static Energy - All Versions

Welcome Wagon Hacks
Two versions available, both included in the zip. One gives a dialog asking if you'd like a welcome wagon or not, the other completely disables the welcome wagon from appearing.

Welcome Wagon - AL Versions
Welcome Wagon - Orig to FT Versions
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Re: Misc Feature Adding Mods
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Smart Beds Privacy Plug-in for AL:

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