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Well, I really don't have a clue, and it would seem that BO is unable to figure out your problem or he would have said so by now.  My only suggestion would be to scrap what you have done and start again.  Maybe you missed a step, and having another attempt might mean you get everything right.  I can't really see why a difference in age range etc. should prevent ACR from even giving tokens. 

The only other thing I can think of is, I never have to give tokens to my sims, that happens automatically.  (TJ changed the process somewhere along the line).
...No, because the problem is with the modified ACR main file, which I adjusted per instructions (as I explained above) in order to make it work with my age mod. ACR as it was released functions fine in my game, but does not fit my age lengths and therefore will not work for me. My modified file does not give tokens to anyone, which is where my problem lies- I do not know how to fix it. I know that I modified it exactly as the instructions explained, and it stopped functioning at all.

Reinstalling a file that has never worked will do... nothing. And I delete groups.cache before every time I play, so I doubt that will fix the tokens either, since there was no groups.cache to be a problem at the time.
I think Maxis made the teen age span so long was simply because they wanted to cram so much into it that anything shorter wouldn't work.  As to your problem, I really don't have a clue as to why ACR wouldn't work. I assume you've tried deleting ACR and groups.cache and then reinstalling ACR?
I don't find anything that requires keeping external records of sims' ages to be a practical solution for me... hence why I am trying to set up an age mod that fits the length I want so the sims will age automatically  :wink:. Even slow aging controller wouldn't really work- I don't just want sims to age once every X days, because the default lifespans are wildly disproportionate (14 day teens??? Why, Maxis??), and any other method of slowing down aging without extending the age spans would require me to keep track of sims' ages... which really, really won't work for me, because I am really bad at keeping external records for my sims.

Anyway, how I set up my age mod isn't really relevant to the question I had, beyond giving an explanation for the timescale I need ACR to work on. What I wanted to know was why what I did to ACR stopped my sims from receiving ACR tokens, and whether anyone can tell me how to fix it?  :hmm:
Yeah, that would fit my definition of "not practical".
The only time my Romance sims do that is when they're on a date!  Although, as teenagers, they often want to go steady.
Would probably be fine in a small hood. In my current hood I already have around 80 families, so that's a lot to keep track of!
I use the Slow Aging Controller (one of my own creations). Aging can be slowed down or even completely frozen for each sim individually. If a sim's aging is turned off using this mod, that sim's fertility (as ACR calculates it) is no longer influenced by the passing of days. I can turn aging back on when I think a sim has lived long enough, and then they'll start aging normally again.

Simplistic, I know. One would have to devise their own method of charting time for their sims... So many of you may not find this practical.
I've been using Phaenoah's  aging mod at MTS. Only magic Sims are allowed to use the elixir in my game; I limit their use to 2 bottles. The extra bottle depends on whether or not they receive the max number of days after becoming an Elder. 
I just stick with Elixir, and a rough table of how many *doses* they get, according to whether they are CAS sims without kids, with kids, BIG, graduates, etc., and stick the used bottles in their inventories so I know how much they've had.
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