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Misc Annoyance Fixing Mods
« on: March 23, 2008, 04:49:17 PM »
This thread contains the following miscellaneous mods that deal with various annoyances in the game:

  • Autonomous Bath Fixes
  • Autonomous Computer Fixes
  • Busker Tipping Hack
  • Dance Sphere in use Fix
  • Hobby Idle Animation Fix
  • Hot Spring Fix
  • Less (or No) Belching & Farting
  • No Allergies
  • No Bogarting OFB Toys
  • No Dancing in Silence
  • No Indoors Kickybag - Now included in Play Sanity for Sea or Higher
  • No Shade Eyes Salute
  • No Shoving from Looking Through Telescope
  • No Swooning at Romance Sims
  • No Weekly Report
  • No Whining About Missing/Stolen Objects
  • Perfect Plants & Perfect Gardens
  • Play Sanity Fixes
  • Reduced Playing in Bathtub
  • Social Sanity Fixes
  • Teasing & Congrats Hacks
  • Young Adult & Lazy Anim Fixes

Autonomous Bath Fixes
Stops autonomous bathing if there is a shower available on the lot, unless the sim is either pregnant or has very low comfort (less than half).

Autonomous Bath - All Versions

Autonomous Computer Fixes
There are two versions in the archive. Normal and No Autonomy. Only install one of them. This probably conflicts with other computer type hacks. It doesn't conflict with anything in my game though. I'd recommend running HCDU if you have any. Features:
  • Computer in use check made smarter. Also added check to see if chair is available.
  • Sims who do attempt to use a computer whose chair becomes occupied will quietly find something else to do and not insist on whining to you about it.
  • All new FT computer options are disabled for visitors on residential lots.
  • No autonomous turning off the computer.
  • Sims will only autonomously check e-mail if there is e-mail on the computer to be checked.
  • Autonomous socials are disabled while using the computer (other sims will not be obsessed with talking to them).
  • Sims giving financial consulting who have the interaction cancelled for any reason will recieve partial credit ($$) for the amount of time spent instead of getting hosed.
  • No autonomy version will disable autonomy from Chat, Gaming and gaming competitions, Web surfing/blogging, checking e-mail.

Computer - AL Version
Computer - FT Version

Busker Tipping Hack
Sims who tip a busker will walk away from the tip jar instead of standing right in front of it like idiots.

Busker Tipping - Uni or Higher

Dance Sphere in use Fix
Sims can now properly tell if the dance sphere is in use and will no longer throw a hissy fit about not being able to get in it BECAUSE ITS IN USE ALREADY!

Dance Sphere In Use - NL or Higher

Hobby Idle Animations Fix
Nerfs the hobby idle animations so sims do not constantly do them. Sims will never perform animations for hobbies they have less that 3 points in and will favor the animations for their One True Hobby, if there are any for that hobby.

Hobby Idle Anim - FT/AL Version

Hot Spring Fix
Keeps sims who are not in a hot spring from being obsessed with interacting with those that are, with the exception of Joining.

Hot Spring - BV or Higher

No Dancing in Silence
Nukes the Dance on Toes interaction unless there is actually music playing in the room.

No Dancing in - OFB or Higher

Less (or No) Belching & Farting
Both versions included in the zip archive. Either stops the interactions completely or stops it only if other sims are nearby in same room.

Less (or No) Belching & - All Versions

No Allergies
Disables allergies in Spring since the whole thing was designed stupidly and Maxis was dumb and didn’t exempt robots and other ‘fake’ sims from them. Does not disable sneezing due to illness.

No - Sea or Higher

No Bogarting OFB Toys
Teens, Adults, and Elders will no longer autonomously play with any of the OFB craftable toys.

No Bogarting OFB - Sea/BV/FT/AL Version
No Bogarting OFB - OFB/Pets Version

No Indoors Kickybag
Sims are no longer able to play kicky bag indoors. They also cannot play if they are within two tiles of the pedestrian portals.

No Indoors Kicky - NL/OFB/Pets Version (Sea or higher get Play Sanity Fixes)

No Shade Eyes Salute
Nukes the annoying overlay animations sims now do in M&G when going from inside to outside, including the ‘shade eyes from sun’ salute that doesn’t check to see if the sim has something in their hands.

No Shade Eyes - M&G (AL)

No Shoving from Looking Through Telescope
Does just what it says it does...

No Shoving from Look - All Versions

No Swooning at Romance Sims
Sims will no longer swoon at romance sims.

No Romance - NL or Higher

No Weekly Report
Stops the idiotic dialog every week from sims about their aspiration score since even if their entire family died last week, if you happen to get them platinum right before the dialog pops it will be the best week ever. Stupid Eaxis.

No Weekly - FT or Higher

No Whining About Missing/Stolen Objects
This will stop sims from incessantly whining for days about an object that was stolen by the burglar, or that you bought to satisfy a want and then sold before 24hrs were up.

No Whining at Missing - NL or Higher

Perfect Plants & Perfect Gardens
This is a rework of Inge's hack(s) from Gardens & shrubs will always stay in perfect condition. Doesn't stop butterflies and bees from appearing around flowerbeds. Will also stop weeds from spreading if they manage to appear from puddles. Perfect Gardens includes all features of Perfect Plants, but will also keep orchard trees and crops in perfect condition. Kinda cheaty, I know. That's why I made it optional.

Perfect - Sea or Higher Version
Perfect - Orig to Pets Version
Perfect - Seasons & Higher Version

Play Sanity Fixes - New
Nerfs the following interactions: Toss Football, Kickybag, Catch, Splash in puddles, Snowball & Water balloon fights. Not allowed indoors, most not during winter, and autonomy for adults limited to only with their children/teens.

Play Sanity - Seasons & Higher Version

Reduced Playing in Bathtub
Only very playful, or very bored sims will play in the bathtub. Also includes a version that will stop the interaction altogether.

Play in Bathtub - AL Versions
Play in Bathtub - Orig to FT Versions

Social Sanity Fixes
Nerfs, but does not nuke the following social interactions, but only for autonomous actions by sims: Appreciate…Admire, Entertain…Dirty Joke, Play…Punch You Punch Me, and Hug…Friendly Hug to make sims less stupid about choosing them. See readme for details of the changes.

Social Sanity - NL or Higher

Teasing & Congrats Hacks
Depending on which versions you install, either completely stops or simply lessens either/both teasing and congratulations. Mix and match however you like, just install one for each interaction type.

Teasing & Congrats - NL or Higher

Young Adult Walk & Lazy Anims Fixes
Each archive contains three different versions of the mod. Only install one.
  • Fixes the Young Adult walk style so they walk normally, not with a stick up their butt.
  • Fixes the Lazy sim idle animations to remove the gorilla slouch as well as the 'slow spin' clothes changing routine.

Young Adult & Lazy Anim - Apt Life Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - Free Time Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - Bon Voyage Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - Seasons Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - Pets Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - OFB Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - Nightlife Version
Young Adult & Lazy Anim - University Version
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