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Known Issues & To Do List
« on: June 03, 2013, 05:40:44 AM »
Known Issues:
-Alien impregnation ignores overstuffed house mods. also thinking of letting elders get pregnant this way.
-Trips & quads popup box not showing. (more info needed on that mod).
-not sure if fertility boot lifetime reward is raising risky odds (it should).
-risky sneak out needs retesting due to data loss on my end (sorry about that).
-risky closet woohoo need more testing.
-Did I fix all the clothing booths?
-Chris Hatch's relationship feature needs to be turned into a flavor pack. Also bypassed by Alien impregnation.
-Chimes need to be moved to Secret Pregnancy

Stuff to add:

Miscarriage - Add chance of miscarriage.
-The Inteen miscarriage package is to unstable when used with WC and has been discontinued remaining coding was removed from V3
-The new one planed will hopefully take into account body temp from seasons, poor mood, and hunger. All other needs will no longer effect miscarriage.
-I hope to be able to make it work without WC for people that like EA pregnancy better.

Risky honeymoon - EA messed up the limo code for some users in BV so the original code must be redone from scratch before this can be added.

Spring Break - lets teens book vacations and honeymoons (if marriage mod is used) with BV.
-I hope to be able to make it work without teen marriage or WC as well for people that just want teens to go on vacation
-Will not use risky honeymoon as using risky woohoo on vacation should accomplish that just fine.

9 day pregnancy - extends pregnancy time to 9 days.
-the one I know of does not add maternity leave to compensate for the longer pregnancy

Painful birth - adds a hit to needs when giving birth (mothers will need rest after giving birth)

Pregnant sims can leave house - I think there is a mod like this but not sure if they can go on vacation or what will happen if they go into labor on community lot.
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Re: Known Issues & To Do List
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2013, 06:32:27 PM »
I want the teen move out! 

Looks like you're making good progress.  Feel free to ask questions; dumb looks are always free.