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Wild Child v4 (FINAL)
« on: February 05, 2018, 02:01:38 AM »
Sorry it took me so long for an update. I have not had much time to play with sims over the last few years but every so often I would get a chance to tinker with the mod. Mostly fixing minor bugs. Years ago someone suggested I add compatibility for Smonaff's Potions mod. At some point I did only to forget about it after my computer broke down. I actually only found it again a few months ago while salvaging the hard-drive. Then I ran across Lamare's Young Adult Maternity mod and decided to add compatibility with it. That also gave me a chance to double check for old bugs.

Sadly I no longer have the time to keep up with this mod like I need to so this should be considered the final version. That's not to say I will not get bored and tinker with it again but there are no official plans.

If anyone wants to modify it further you are welcomed to do so. If you plan to upload your work please do so here at Simbology in the Wild Child section. I would be happy to help with any questions.

Change Log:

Minor changes
-Risky Sneak-out, honeymoon, miscarriage mods, etc are still broken and have been removed.
-Birth Control medicine cabinets are now obsolete and have been removed
-Silent Pregnancy has been removed from the main file and made into an add-on.
-Pregnancy chance tuners no longer work and have been removed
-3 days before grow up bug fixed again.

Major changes
-WC is now compatible with Lamare's Young Adult Maternity mod but if for some reason you can't use her mod I have added a patch to prevent bugs. (
-Alien pregnancy: I have added compatibility for Lamare's mod. (I left the old ones in the download just in case you can't use her mod)
-Added compatibility for Smonaff's 10 New Gypsy Potions mod. (

I had to change the way pregnancy chances are done to add compatibility for Smonaff's mod this may override chances to get pregnant in some mods unrelated to WC however, alien pregnancy does not seem affected.

"Risky Woohoo" and "Try For Baby" now use the same pregnancy chance so I merged the old "Risky Woohoo" add-on with the "Try For Baby Hider" and gave the new Risky Woohoo a different set of percentages that will override the defaults.

As for pregnancy chances the main file now uses the same chances as Smonaff's Potions however I toned it down a little for the Risky Woohoo add-on

Default pregnancy chances
function          %
Fertility Potion   +60
Virility Potion      +30
Compatible       +45 (Male/Female Couples)
Incompatible       -45 (Same Sex Couples)
Females       +15 (Female Sims Only)
Birth Control Potion   -95
Invirility Potion   -75

Risky Woohoo pregnancy chances
function       %
Fertility    +60
Virility    +30
Compatible    +15
Incompatible    -30
Female       +0
Birth Control    -14
Invirility    -14

When you install WC you should put it in the same sub-folder as Lamare's and Smonaff's mods.
For compatibility reasons do not change the file names.
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Re: Wild Child v4 (FINAL)
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 08:50:10 AM »
Time for more testing and I am glad you have returned to us here.

I will invite Chris Hatch to see if he could get the rest of the missing options working for this great mod.