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Title: Get Parents Fix (V0.01) for All Games
Post by: Pandaah on June 01, 2013, 04:13:07 PM
Get Parents Fix (V0.01) for All Games
Made by J. Turner (tunaisafish)

 Place file(s) in your 'Downloads' directory.

 Fixes a global function that has been broken since The Sims 2 base game.
 EA attempted to fix it in Apartment Life, but just introduced another bug.

 - When only one parent is found, no longer leaves garbage data in the second slot. (All games)
 - When the first parent is missing, will continue to look for a second parent. (Base to FT)
 - When no parents are present, will no longer substitute random objects in their place (AL+)

 - When both parents are present, the same parent will not always be favoured over the other.

 The function is used in many situations in the game to find the parents of a toddler, child or teen.
 Some of the reasons it is used is to find:-
   who a toddler decides to follow.
   who a child cheers at when getting a good school grade.
   who NPC's like the social worker, police officer or headmaster will interact with.
   who the Butler decides is the Employer.

 As the function sometimes returned garbage, then weird bugs would happen such as a child thinking
 that it is the offspring of a driveway or window.  After AL, that made families with no adults present
 a pain to play.  If you hit the bug once, you'd be likely to keep hitting it again and again.
 For other families, the conditions necessary to hit the bugs would be rare, and have varied effects
 depending on how the garbage data was used.
 While fixing the bugs, I noticed that the functions that called this would always favour the first parent.
 So, as a bonus, when both parents are found, there is now a 50/50 chance of one of them being chosen
 first for the interaction.  The first parent returned used to be the one made first in game.  So one parent
 in every family used to be followed more, cheered at more, etc...

 Compatible with all games.

 None known.

 magicmoon, Deviancy
Title: Re: Get Parents Fix (V0.01) for All Games
Post by: miros1 on June 02, 2013, 10:33:46 AM
I didn't know I needed this!  Thanks!