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Baby/Toddler Related Mods
« on: March 23, 2008, 04:07:26 PM »
This thread contains the following mods related to dealing with babies and toddlers:

  • No Smart Milk Drag
  • No Baby/Toddler Swarming
  • Only Family React to Birth
  • Self-Exploding Bottles
  • Toddler Play with Toilets Fix
  • Toddler Potty Fixes

No Smart Milk Drag
Sims will not drag a toddler or even attempt to feed a smart milk bottle to a toddler. They will just make it and drop it on the floor. You can have them make all of the bottles at once without ever bothering the toddler and stuff them in its inventory for future use. Conflicts with Pescado’s nosmartmilkdrag obviously. It’s a different take on the exact same problem.

No Smart Milk Drag - - All Versions

No Baby/Toddler Swarming
My take on Pescado’s nobabyharassment. My version allows autonomous interaction, but within limits. It also includes some interactions that his doesn’t. Will prevent the entire family from swarming to a baby or toddler to put it to bed, play with it, etc. See Readme for full details.

No Baby Toddler - AL Version
No Baby Toddler - Sea/BV/FT Version
No Baby Toddler - NL/OFB/Pets Version

Only Family React to Birth
When a sim gives birth only household members or family will react to the labor or ‘come see baby’. No more random walkby running into the bathroom to watch a total stranger have a baby.

Only Family React to - All Versions

Self-Exploding Bottles
Baby bottles (regular and smart) that are spoiled or empty will simply go poof.

Self Exploding - NL or Higher Version

Toddler Play with Toilets Fix
Fixes interaction so it works as intended. Toddlers will only play in toilets if in a bad mood or aspiration failure.

Toddler Play with Toilets - All Versions

Toddler Potty Fixes
Maid can now clean potty. Adults can now potty train even if potty is dirty. Toddlers will not stop going if another interaction is queued. Fixing annoying delay at the end of potty training.

Toddler Potty - AL Version
Toddler Potty - Orig to FT Version
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