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Uni Related Mods - Including the College Adjuster
« on: March 23, 2008, 11:36:20 AM »
This thread contains the following Uni related mods:

  • College Adjuster
  • College YA Aging Fix
  • Dormie Gender Controller
  • Evil Cow Mascot Trophy Head
  • No Finals at Night
  • No Meeting Professors
  • No Secret Society Abductions
  • Stinky Dormies and Assignments Fix
  • Students Move Away from the Portal
  • YA Visitors Outside Uni

College Adjuster

Compatible with: Uni or Higher.

This hacked object allows you to change various things related to University, plus some other random bits and goodies as described below.

University Stuff:
  • Select the semester that a sim is in.
  • Add a skill point to a sim (and have the class performance meter increase automatically if appropriate. Also satisfies wants).
  • Change the sim's grade for the current semester.
  • Change the sim's total GPA for graduation.
  • Set the hours until the final exam back to 72, or forward to 2.
  • Set/Change the sim's major.
  • Add the sim to the secret society. Just adds the token, no fanfare.

School Stuff:
  • Switch between public and private schools (satisfies private school wants)
  • Set School Grade

Other General Stuff:
  • Remove stuck kicky bag objects from a lot. Option will only appear if there are stuck objects.
  • Remove stuck cellphones from a lot. This does not remove the cellphone token from the sim, it deletes the actual cellphone object. These should not exist unless someone is actively using them.
  • Add Want/Fear slots & locks - Gee, maybe adds want/fear slots?
  • Add/Remove Cellphone, MP3, Handheld - This does remove it from the sim.
  • Vampires - Turn a sim into a vampire or cure them instantly.
  • Cleanup Invalid Mail - Deletes invalid mail from the mailbox/mailbag. Deletes if not a bill, coupon, or letter. Will only appear if invalid mail exists.
Sim Randomizer Stuff:
  • Randomize Personality - Completely rerolls a sim's personality points.
  • Reset Personality - reset the personality to the genetic personality (the personality the sim was born with and passes on to children).
  • Sync Genetic Personality - will copy the sim's current personality to its genetic personality so it can be passed on to kids.
  • Randomize Skills - Rerolls all skill points. Does not save the sim's current points. They can be higher or lower.
  • Randomize Skills Max 5 - Sets a max of 5 points on every skill instead of 10. You will probably never actually see 5 pts though, they will be somewhere between the 4th & 5th point.
  • Give Random Aspiration - Does just that. Also rerolls lifetime want. Now supports new NL asps if NL is installed. (This is disabled if Free Time or higher is installed. Use the Sim Blender instead.)
  • Reroll Lifetime Want - Yes it exists on other objects. Added just 'cuz.
The object (a stack of phone books) is available under Misc/Misc in buy mode for the unbelievably low price of $1.

Notes: You must set a major before moving the sim to senior year. You also won't be able to change the GPA until at least semester 2 (the sim doesn't have one until then!).

College - Uni or Higher

College YA Aging Fix
Fixes a bug that could cause the game to hang when sims are arriving at Uni in the taxi and attempting to age to young adult from teen.

College YA Aging - Uni or Higher Version

Dormie Gender Controller
Allows you to control whether male or female dormies move into your dorm. Now also randomizes the dormie picked so you don't always end up with the same ones.

Dormie Gender - NL/OFB/Pets/Sea/BV/FT/AL Version
Dormie Gender - Uni Version

Evil Cow Mascot Trophy Head
A just for fun object that you can use to torture Uni cow mascots.

Cow Mascot Trophy - Uni and Higher

No Finals at Night
If a final was scheduled to start between the hours of 9:00pm to 7:00am it will be rescheduled to begin at 8:00am. The appropriate number of hours will be added to the sim's final timer.

No Finals at - OFB/Pets/Sea/BV/FT/AL Version
No Finals at - NL Version

No Meeting Professors
Stops sims from automatically meeting professors when going to class.

No Meeting - Uni and Higher

No Secret Society Abductions
Sims are just quietly inducted into the Secret Society when eligible and are no longer abducted and taken to the SS lot.

No Secret Society - Uni and Higher

Stinky Dormies and Assignments Fix
Reduces the hygiene advertisement of doing Uni assignments so dormies are more likely to actually take a shower instead of doing another assignment.

Stinky Dormies - Uni and Higher

Students Move Away from the Portal
Forces returning Uni students to walk toward the mailbox instead of stopping right on top of the portal blocking access for everyone else.

Students Move Away From the - AL Version
Students Move Away From the - NL to FT Version

YA Visitors Outside Uni
Allows young adults to show up as visitors on community & downtown lots outside of the Uni neighborhood. Compatible with the Visitor Controller.

YA Visitors Outside - Uni or Higher
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