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ACR - Autonomous Casual Romance
« on: March 25, 2008, 10:42:14 PM »
Autonomous Casual Romance - Version 1.10.10
Requires: NL or Higher


  • Casual Interactions: All romantic bed and hot tub interactions, woohoo in Photo Booths, and a custom built woohoo on sofas, along with some of the regular flirts and kisses are available to sims much earlier in their relationship than standard Maxis interactions. All casual interactions are self-contained and heavily modded copies of the Maxis interactions so you can still use mods that affect the regular Maxis interactions, like Inteenimator with no conflicts.
  • Autonomous Casual Interactions: Sims can autonomously choose casual interactions –  flirt, kiss or woohoo (including trying for baby) with another sim. Autonomous behavior  is controlled through a custom memory token that is included in the mod. Sims without a token will not perform any autonomous casual interactions. See the readme file for details about the tokens.
  • More Realistic Jealousy: This is the only part of the mod that is global. It will affect all romantic interactions for sims that have an ACR token. Jealousy is based on aspiration, personality, and relationship level, instead of just relationship as before. Another global no-jealousy mod will conflict. JM Pescado's Romance mod will not conflict however.
  • Teen enabled interactions: All ACR interactions are teen enabled. Teen try for baby/risky woohoo is only enabled if you have Inteen installed. This can be disabled however either on a per sim or hood-wide basis using the adjuster.
  • Gender Preference Adjustment: Set a single sim's gender preference, randomize a single sim, or randomize the entire neighborhood. Includes safegaurds for not changing any sims who are already in a relationship. You can also set target percentages for the number of straight, gay, and bi sims you would like in the hood.
  • Much, much more! See the documentation for full details.


  • If you are installing for the first time, you should spawn an adjuster (click on the active sim and select adjust...casual romance…spawn adjuster) and run setup neighborhood from the tokens...hood menu before the mod will completely work as designed. The mod will install the tokens automatically at 8:30am/pm however if you don't before then.
  • For teens and elders to be able to perform any casual interactions autonomously you must have an adjuster object present somewhere on the lot.
  • If you wish to uninstall the hack completely you should run uninstall from neighborhood on the adjuster before deleting the mod files from your downloads folder.
  • Keep in mind that it will take a while for the autonomous interactions to 'kick in' after being newly installed. Give it a few sim days before panicing.


  • This mod contains some of the global game code relating to jealousy in order to enable the per sim jealousy settings. This is the only part of the mod that affects both casual and Maxis interactions.
  • This mod will most likely conflict with a global no jealousy hack. It does conflict with Lizzlove’s no jealousy at all hack.
  • It does not conflict with any other hacks/mods by me or Pescado. Pescado’s romance mod is highly recommended as well as my teen/adult attraction fix.
  • It is fully compatible with the Inteenimator and Jenflower’s woohoo teens.
  • The vast majority of this mod is self-contained and uses private code that affects only the interactions included within the mod. Each one of the interactions included is a complete and separate clone of the Maxis interaction. Casual woohoo, for example, will not be affected by any hack that modifies normal woohoo (say a risky woohoo mod for example). The reverse is also true; any setting you change will only affect Casual interactions and not the regular Maxis ones.  The one exception to this is the way jealousy is handled.
ACR - Documentation -
ACR - Documentation -

Recommended Additional Mods:

  • Romance Mod by JM Pesacdo available here: here (Free Time version but others are available)
  • No Instant Loves also by Pescado and available at the same link as above if you want to make it a bit harder for sims to fall in love. (Note: not compatible with Inteen)
  • Teen/Adult - Adult/Teen attractions Fix by me (this in not needed if you also use Inteen)

ACR Plugins

Maxis Cheating Fix
This plug-in for ACR will force the interaction tests for all autonomous Maxis romantic interactions to follow most of the same rules that autonomous ACR interaction follow. Should significantly cut down (bug not totally stop) the stupidity of sim romantic interaction choices by forcing the use of the ACR target checking and jealousy checks. Both sims involved must have ACR tokens or the ACR tests will be bypassed and only Maxis original tests will be run. There is a chance that this plug-in will cause a reset (like a new EP was installed) upon install, although you might get lucky. This plugin conflicts with Pescado's nopedostalkers and must load after JM's mod for both to work as advertised.

ACR - Plugin - Maxis Cheating - NL or Higher
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